You, Your Employees, and Microlearning


Living in this fast-paced world challenges companies to continuously search for innovative ways of running their business. There are a number of different e-learning solutions to help meet those challenges. Microlearning is one such option. If you want to get employees trained on a specific skill, Microlearning is a popular method that employers are turning to. So, what makes Microlearning so desirable?

You have to first know what Microlearning is. Microlearning is much more than condensed training. It’s a self-guided learning experience that delivers only the necessary content the learner needs to fully understand the objective and be able to accurately apply it. Some people compare it to a Ted Talk: a short presentation that gives you quick and specific information. Microlearning should always leave you with the ability to immediately apply your newly-acquired knowledge.

Any learning form can be used for Microlearning; video, slide presentation, gamification, and so on. The duration of the experience will not be consistent from objective to objective. Some experts suggest that it should not exceed five minutes. Ultimately, the goal is for the learner to receive all the pertinent information, therefore there is not a strict time limit to a Microlearning experience.

Before you decide on an e-learning solution, look at how Microlearning benefits you and your employees. Let’s begin with you!  Here are a couple ways Microlearning will benefit you:

  • Easy production. Creating a Microlearning course, whether it’s you or an outside party, will always utilize less time and money. The purpose is to break down information into its simplest form. Because you are concentrating on only the most critical information, production is quicker and resources are minimal. Keep in mind that quality is important and should never be sacrificed.
  • Flexibility. As mentioned briefly, there are no strict rules when it comes to Microlearning. You can customize a learning experience that works best for your company. For example, if you have young employees, they may prefer fast, eccentric videos. Others may enjoy electronic workbook activities. The freedom to create customized experiences will make it more likely that your employees will complete training and seek more of it!

Now, how do your employees benefit?

  • Quicker learning and application to work. Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. They are eager to learn, but that requires time.  Microlearning offers people the opportunity to continuously learn on the job. It gives employees the chance to gain a skill during their lunch break and instantly apply it after lunch.
  • Self-guided and personalized. Everyone runs at a different speed, our priorities are never the same, and no one starts with the same base knowledge. Having the ability to start and stop learning at your own pace takes the pressure off of learning. If learning is convenient and relaxing, employees are more likely to continue with similar experiences.

STREETCAR8 and other L&D companies have seen the benefits of Microlearning. The saying “less is more” is a perfect way to sum up Microlearning. Educating employees doesn’t need to be a complex and lengthy process. Microlearning is the ideal way to continually grow your team’s skills in a stress-free way.


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