The 7 Best Time-Saving Apps for Remote Workers


Working remotely can boost your productivity, as long as you navigate the many distractions. Chores, errands, and entertainment can be harder to ignore in your remote office. It’s easy to think, “This won’t take very long.” But the minutes add up, and it takes time to ramp up/down from tasks.

Thankfully, as distractions increase so do the number of creative ways to block them. Below are phone or computer applications that will keep you focused on work and support your journey to remote work success.

LastPass – Stop wasting time and energy attempting to guess a forgotten password. With this app, it’s easy to log into your favorite websites. LastPass is a secure password manager and generator. It stores encrypted user-created passwords or strong system generated ones. Its autofill feature will save you from typing passwords and you can access the tool from all devices.

Harvest or Toggl – These two apps are grouped because they’re used for the same purpose: to track time and money. They top the list for freelancers because they’re timesavers when it comes to time tracking and invoicing. What’s best: both offer basic free plans.

Trello – Being miles away from your team doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. This visual online tool helps with work tracking and collaboration. Trello is structured so that it’s easy to make lists and track progress. Remote teams are able to organize work on visual boards, assign people, make checklists, add comments, and much more. Tasks are dragged from one stage to another to track progress and completion.

RescueTime – You spent the entire day on the computer. Was it all centered around work? RescueTime runs in the background on your computer to help you discover how you spend your time. It tracks your activity not only on web browsers, but on any apps used. If you really want to spend time wisely, find out what your biggest distractions are!

Wunderlist – This is the easiest digital to-do list you’ll come across. Effortlessly add tasks to Wunderlist as soon as it comes to mind with little interruption to work. You have the ability to set a due date or simply have a running list that you check periodically. This app is an easy way to plan, organize, and share your life.

Workflow – The ultimate multitasker! Workflow allows you to access multiple apps in one spot. You can answer emails, check the weather, reply to comments and write an article from a central page. This visually appealing app aims to take away all website hopping distractions.

Focus@Will – This app curates music based on human neuroscience to help you concentrate. You could just as easily have your own music playing while you work, but Focus@Will uses science to design a playlist that will keep you on track and help you retain information.

As you develop your remote-work routine, you’ll discover many helpful habits and tools. The items above are just the basics to help you organize/record information, identify time-wasting behaviors, and collaborate effectively.


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