Best for learner tracking, complex subjects and/or interactive learning

PlayButtonTiny SAMPLE – Onboarding Course

Our e-learning offerings are designed to teach basic and complex concepts or procedures. E-learning courses include the ability to track learner activity and outcomes when integrated with a learning management system (LMS).

We are e-learning experts, and developing interactive courses for working adults is our specialty.  We particularly enjoy helping people learn to use software systems.  If you’re involved in a customized implementation effort and need to train internal/external groups on system use and administration, contact us.  We’re happy to help design/build course solutions so that you don’t have to!


Best for basic instruction when tracking learner activity is not needed

PlayButtonTiny SAMPLE 1 – Animated Course Intro

PlayButtonTiny SAMPLE 2 – Whiteboard Animation

Are you looking for non-interactive materials to support your products?  STREETCAR8 can help by partnering with you to create attractive video tutorials.

Our video offerings are geared for teaching fundamental concepts or procedures, typically with shorter durations. Unlike e-learning courses, there is no tracking of learner activity and outcomes, and video tutorials do not include interactivity or quizzes.